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What's New at Napa County EMS?

New - July 2013 - Napa County EMS Electronic Field Guidebook

~ Free for Everyone ~

    Paramedic Protocol Provider is an application for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that provides quick offline lookup of field treatment protocols.

Features include:

  • Quick indexed lookup of protocols in a matter of seconds
  • Updated shortly after new protocols are posted online, making it more up-to-date than most printed protocol manuals
  • Customized hospital contact information and mapping (customization for iOS only)
  • Customized notes for each individual protocol section


New - July - RAS/AMA and 12-Lead Policy Update

On July 1, 2013 the newly revised RAS/AMA policy and the BLS/ALS 12-Lead policy will come into effect. For additional information, please click on the related document(s) below:

June 2013 - Treatment Guidelines  

The EMS Agency is soliciting suggestions and/or revisions to existing policies and treatment guidelines to be effective January 1, 2014. We have developed a web-based form to assist submitting your suggestions and/or revisions to the LEMSA.  For additional information, please contact our office or click on the forms below: 


May 2013 - (EMS Week)

We are pleased to report that 2012 was a very productive and collaborative year for Napa County EMS and the EMS Agency. Click here to view the 2012 EMS Annual Report.

In addition, the LEMSA in concert with the EMCC gave a presentation to the County Board of Supervisors concerning the state of the EMS for 2012.  


March 2013 (MAC)

The EMS Agency is proud to announce the development and implementation of our newest Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).

The purpose of the MAC is to advise the medical director, with a diversity of perspectives, on matters relating to the provision of emergency medical care in Napa County.


November 2012 - Policies - Policies - Polices

The revised EMS Treatment Guidelines are now available and will be effective January 1, 2013.


October 2012 - Local Cardiac Arrest Data!

According to data compiled from the first six months of 2012, someone who experiences cardiac arrest in Napa County is much more likely to survive:
Our out‐of‐hospital cardiac arrest survival rate for January 1 through June 30 was 31%, well above the national average of 5% to 7%.


Napa County EMS receives new patch/logo!

Napa County EMS Logo

The winner for the Napa County EMS Agency patch designer contest was Diana Jex-Weese. As the contest winner Diana was presented with an IPad which was donated by AMR.

This patch design is much more than a logo...it's an identity that represents the body of Napa County EMS. Great job Diana!  



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 2012 EMS Annual Report

June 2013

 Cardiac Arrest Data  

October 2012

 2011 EMS Annual Report

June 2012

 Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Training

June 2012

 Multi-Casualty Incident (MCI) Management Plan (Plan)                                          

March 2012