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European Grapevine Moth



European Grapevine Moth 2014 Program Updates 

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Updated quarantine boundary map

Vineyard sites outside of the EGVM quarantine 

Compliance agreement flow-chart
Exhibit D2 for receivers located outside of the EGVM quarantine

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EGVM Quarantine Boundary Revision – August 2014


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has announced that the southern portion of Napa County has been removed from the European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) quarantine. The remaining portion of Solano County under quarantine has been released along with the majority of the remaining Sonoma County quarantine areas.

Great cooperation by the winegrape industry and local, state and federal departments of agriculture has led to this quarantine area reduction. Growers and wineries that are still operating within the quarantine must continue to follow all requirements outlined in their compliance agreements and be vigilant to prevent any re-infestation of areas removed from quarantine. The lifting of the entire quarantine for Napa County is still two years away given there are no new EGVM detections.

Regions that are out of the quarantine include areas south of Imola Avenue, areas west of Mt. Veeder Road, the Carneros region, and portions of Eastern Napa County. For quick reference, please see the attached pdf map of the revised EGVM quarantine boundary. You may also access an interactive map on the Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s website to see if the specific vineyard or winery you operate is out of the EGVM quarantine.

The Ag Commissioner’s website has a list of vineyard sites, listed by permit number and site ID, that are out of the quarantine. If you are receiving grapes for crush in the area that has been removed from quarantine, please contact our office. We will need to update your compliance agreement by issuing Exhibit D2, receivers located outside the EGVM quarantine. The Ag Commissioner’s Office will continue to conduct compliance visits at wineries and vineyards throughout the County and will issue relevant compliance agreement documents as necessary.
Growers hauling fruit from the EGVM quarantine area into the area that has been removed from quarantine will not be able to use Exhibit P. Those growers or haulers will be required to tarp or slack fill their loads as required by Exhibit C. Refer to the flow charts to identify the particular compliance agreement exhibits that must be adhered to by your business, depending on your location in the County.

The Ag Commissioner’s Office will be contacting businesses directly affected by these quarantine changes. If you have questions, please contact the Ag Commissioner’s Office at 707-253-4357.


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