European Grapevine Moth


European Grapevine Moth



European Grapevine Moth Program

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 2016 EGVM Program Update Meetings EGMV Larva on Grape


  • No moths were caught in traps in Napa County in 2015 and 2014.  

  • EGVM trapping began in February 2016 - 100 traps / sq. mile in vineyards, 25 traps / sq. mile in urban settings.  

  • No insecticide treatments are recommended for 2016  

  • No mating disruption to be deployed in 2016.  

  • Quarantine restrictions are still currently in place.  See the quarantine map.  

  • If there are no moth finds by the end of the second flight, USDA may consider lifting EGVM quarantine and deem the pest eradicated.  Projected for August 15, 2016.  Growers will be kept up to date by e-mail, etc.  

  • If there are finds in 2016, growers will be informed of recommended treatments and required quarantine restrictions.  Deregulation clock will be reset.  
  • Prevent EGVM re-introductions by thoroughly inspecting any vineyard or winery equipment transported from out of state or country.  

  • An EGVM post eradication plan is under development.  

For more detailed EGVM information and recap of the 2015 program, please review the Powerpoint presentation from the February 24, 2016, EGVM Update meeting.  


If you have questions, please contact the Ag Commissioner’s Office at 707-253-4357.  


Vineyard sites outside of the EGVM quarantine 

Compliance agreement flow-chart
Exhibit D2 for receivers located outside of the EGVM quarantine


 EGVM Actual Size   More information for Growers and Wineries

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