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Ambulance Franchise Information

September 2011

Care Ambulance letter concerning the Napa County Ambulance Franchise RFP 



August 2011

Supervisors accept AMR for EMS ambulance franchise contract
At a special meeting today, the Board of Supervisors accepted staff’s recommendation that American Medical Response West (AMR) be recognized as the winning proposer in the competition for the countywide exclusive EMS ambulance franchise.

View, print or download the Notice of Tentative Decision of Contract Award 


The Hearing Officer released his findings of fact and decision on protests today.

Briefly, he denied the protests filed by both Piner and Medic and upheld the HHSA Director's recommendation of AMR as the highest scoring proposer.


The Hearing Officer is scheduled to release his decision concerning the protests filed in reference to the Napa County Ambulance Franchise Request for Proposal (RFP) on August 16, 2011.

In anticipation of this release date, the Board of Supervisors has scheduled a special meeting on August 19, 2011 at 9:00A.M. to receive the Hearing Officer’s decision and take possible action on the RFP.

To view, print or download the Notice of RFP Timeline - Update 


Memo concerning Litigation Disclosure   

Litigation Disclosure from AMR  

AMR's Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) 



July 2011

Napa County announces the date and time of the Formal Protest Hearing - August 3, 2011 at 10:00am 

Memo concerning the Formal Protest Hearing    

Please note that this hearing is open to the public to observe, but only the parties to the protest will participate. There is no opportunity for public comment as the hearing officer hears evidence and recommendations regarding ONLY the official protests that were filed by the deadline stipulated in the RFP.

Napa County announces outcome of the Informal Protest meeting

Outcome of the Informal Protest Meeting Memorandum  

Letter to the designated Hearing Officer re: Ambulance Procurement - Transmittal of Protests  


Opinion piece from Randy Snowden: Choosing an EMS Ambulance Franchise Provider for Napa County

Napa County ambulance Commentary Document  


Napa County receives protests from two (2) ambulance franchise RFP bidder's

Protest Document submitted by Medic Ambulance  

Protest Document submitted by Piner Ambulance 


Choosing an EMS Ambulance Franchise Provider for Napa County

Ambulance System Improvement Brief Summary 


Emergency Ambulance - Request for Proposal  

Notice of Protest Filing Deadline & "Informal Meeting" Date with Protesters      


Today HHSA Director Randy Snowden issued a Notice of Intent to Recommend that American Medical Response (AMR) be awarded the next ambulance franchise. Today begins a 14-day protest period, where any of the unsuccessful proposers may file a protest. If the protest cannot be informally resolved by Mr. Snowden, it will be forwarded to an impartial hearing officer. If a protest is sustained, the hearing officer is responsible for determining the next steps under the RFP.  If no protests are sustained, Mr. Snowden’s recommendation is then forwarded to the Board for action.  

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View, print or download the proposals and exhibits (in alphabetical order:)


American Medical Response (AMR) 

 Complete Proposal

 Care RFP

RFP Exhibits

Medic RFP

RFP Exhibits

 Piner RFP 

RFP Exhibits

AMR Table of Contents Care Table of Contents  Medic Table of Contents Piner Table of Contents
AMR Sect. 1 Executive Summary Care  Sect. 1 Executive Summary Medic Sect. 1 Executive Summary Piner Sect. 1 Executive Summary
AMR Sect. 2 Required Forms  Care  Sect. 2 Required Forms Medic Sect. 2 Required Forms Piner Sect. 2 Required Forms
AMR Sect. 3 Qualifications Req.  Care Sect. 3 Qualifications Req. Medic Sect. 3 Qualifications Req. Piner Sect. 3 Qualifications Req.
AMR Sect. 4 Core Req. Care Sect. 4 Core Req. Medic Sect. 4 Core Req. Piner Sect. 4 Core Req.
AMR Sect. 5 Competitive Criteria  Care Sect. 5 Competitive Criteria    Medic Sect. 5 Competitive Criteria   Piner Sect. 5 Competitive Criteria
AMR Sect. 6 Attachments Care Sect. 6 Attachments Medic Sect. 6 Attachments Piner Sect. 6 Attachments


June 2011

Ambulance Franchise RFP - Timeline Change/Update 



May 2011

Response to Public Comments on EMS Ambulance Franchise RFP - May 2011



April 2011


Please be advised that due to a conflict with the Emergency Medical Services Administrators Association of California (EMSAAC) Annual Conference the date for the Proposer Presentations referenced in Appendix 5 Procurement Time Line has changed.

The new date is June 17, 2011

Final Ambulance Franchise Request for Proposal   

The Napa County Board of Supervisors unamimously approved the final draft of the ambulance franchise Request for Proposal for release on April 12, 2011.  

The updated timeline can be found in Appendix 5 of the RFP.


The County is conducting the State-required Request For Proposal (RFP) process to grant the upcoming ambulance franchise contract. We take this responsibility very seriously and follow a clearly defined and transparent process. This is an opportunity to improve the system and shift some of the costs of the system from the public to the for-profit ambulance company making money from the exclusive contract.

We understand the community’s concerns about the proposed cost increase associated with the new franchise as well as the loyalty to support a long standing local business. However, state law mandates the county to hold an objective competitive process. In other words, it is illegal for the County to show any favoritism to a local or an outside bidder. B

EMS EMSA Response to Local Vendor Question 


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