Current Projects


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Current Projects


Below are two groups of listings for projects submitted to the Napa County PBES Dept. 

Major Projects: This first group primarily includes larger (major) projects that may have been initiated by the County or be of a more extensive and/or controversial nature requiring more analysis in the approval process. Examples would be (but not limited to) projects requiring Environmental Impact Reports; approval by Board of Supervisors; approval by vote of the people. 

Current Projects: This second group primarily includes projects that will have standard analysis and approval before the County Planning Commission. 

To see projects and information coming before the Planning Commission, view the Commission's upcoming agenda

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This is a list of all the Discretionary Projects currently being processed in the Planning Division. Click here to see a complete list. 

Current Projects
Current ProjectsNumberClass
Aloft Wineryp16-00429Winery
Anthem WineryP14-00320Winery
Anthem Winery ECPP14-00322Vineyards
B CellarsP16-00423Winery
Baldacci VineyardsP15-00422Winery
Beautiful Day WineryP15-00202Winery
Behrens Family WineryP15-00203Winery
Behrens Family WineryP15-00341Winery
Benessere Vineyard WineryP16-00432Winery
Biale VineyardsP16-00396Winery
Bin to BottleP15-00278Winery
Black Sears WineryP15-00201Winery
Bloodlines LLC Soda Canyon Vineyard Erosion Control Plan P16-00323P16-00323Vineyards
Caymus VineyardsP12-00221Winery
Cuvaison WineryP16-00146Winery
Darms Lane WineryP16-00017Winery
DDNG WineryP15-00379Winery
Etude WineryP15-00355Winery
Farella Zoning Text AmendmentP15-00396Other
Flora Springs WineryP15-00111Winery
Flynnville Wine CompanyP15-00225Winery
Fortunati VineyardsP16-00043Winery
Frank Family VineyardsP13-00371Winery
Frogs Leap WineryP14-00054Winery
Gardiner Horse FacilityP15-00394Other
Grassi WineryP14-00339Winery
Hard Six CellarsP16-00333Winery
Hendrickson Family Vineyard ECPAP15-00294Vineyards
Laura Michael WinesP16-00033Winery
LMR Rutherford EstateP16-00289Winery
McVicar VineyardsP15-00020Winery
Morris Family WineryP15-00038Winery
Mountain Peak WineryP13-00320Winery
Napa Custom Crush WineryP16-00106Winery
New Life Adventist ChurchP16-00210Other
O'Connell WineryP15-00053Winery
Oak Knoll HotelP14-00215County Projects
Opus One WineryP14-00117Winery
Palmaz HelipadP14-00261Other
Paul Hobbs WineryP15-00128Winery
Pending Winery Applications TableNAWinery
Pending Winery Projects MapNAWinery
Regusci WineryP16-00307Winery
Reynolds Family WineryP14-00334Winery
Rockridge RanchP15-00393Other
Rodde Residence DrivewayP16-00383Other
Saddleback CellarsP16-00266Winery
Sam Jasper WineryP15-00077Winery
Scarlett WineryP16-00428Winery
Shed Creek WineryP14-00346Winery
Sleeping Giant WineryP15-00284Winery
Sleeping Lady WineryP15-00423Winery
Sodhani WineryP14-00402Winery
South Whitehall Lane WineryP15-00215Winery
St. Helena PurlieuP15-00286Other
Sugarloaf West Erosion Control PlanP15-00118Vineyards
Taylor Family VineyardsP15-00291Winery
Taylor ResidenceP16-00143Other
The Carneros InnP15-00190Other
Theorem Vineyards Track I Erosion Control PlanP14-00397Vineyards
Truchard WineryP14-00330Winery
Upper Valley RecyclingP16-00180Other
Vangone VineyardsP15-00399Vineyards
Vincent Arroyo WineryP16-00327Winery
Washington Street WineryP16-00083Winery
Yountmill Vineyards WineryP15-00378Winery