Lake Berryessa Estates Water Emergency Questions and Answers


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Tran 2014

FAQs: Water Emergency In Lake Berryessa Estates Unit 2

 On August 7, 2014, the Napa County Director of Emergency Services and Public Health Officer declared a local emergency for the residents served by the Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District (Unit 2 of Berryessa Estates) due to drought conditions in Putah Creek. The emergency action was ratified by the Board of Supervisors on August 12, 2014. As a short term response to this emergency, the intake pump on Putah Creek was successfully relocated approximately 20 feet upstream and is pumping water for treatment to the water tanks serving District customers. District and County staff continue to work with local and state partners to determine a long term solution. Staff expects to provide an update at the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 9, 2014. The mandatory water conservation order of 50 gallons per person, per day remains in effect for those served by the Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District. 


The District and County would like to thank the customers of the Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement District for their cooperation and attention to the water conservation order. Continued compliance is crucial to maintaining an adequate water supply. 


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Contact Molly Rattigan,Principal Management Analyst, at (707) 253-4112 or  Visit: 



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