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Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement Grant

Application Process

The MSA Grant application process is available to all eligible nonprofit and local government agencies seeking funding for programs to provide health-related services to residents of Napa County.

 The application cycle for fiscal-year 2015-2016 grants will begin in Fall 2014 and will follow roughly the same timeline as the previous application cycle. Specific dates will be announced shortly.

We would like your feedback!

We invite all interested agencies in Napa County to provide feedback on the MSA Grant process and criteria:

  • Criteria: We are proposing changes to the MSA grant rating criteria for the upcoming application cycle, in an effort to simplify the application process and clarify the criteria. In summary, the changes would: 
    • Remove redundant criteria by including them in either the pre-application or the full application, but not in both.
    • Carry pre-application scores over to the full application; final scores would combine scores on the pre- and full-application criteria. Score modifiers would remain the same as in previous years.
    • Reword criteria to more specifically ask for input on the proposed changes to the criteria.
     Please review the proposed criteria and then take this survey to tell us what you think.
  • Process: Please take this survey to tell us about your experience with the MSA Grant application process.

For more information, please see the materials below or contact:

 Mitch Wippern, Deputy Director - Operations


Fiscal Year 2014-2015 MSA Grant Application Materials

Please note: these application materials are from a previous application cycle and are for reference only. New materials will be issued prior to the start of the fiscal-year 2015-2016 application cycle.

General Information

Key Dates 

Application Process

Application Guidance

Examples of high-scoring pre-applications from fiscal year 2013-2014


Pre-Application Form

Pre-Application Rating Criteria

Full Application

Full Application Form

Full Application Rating Criteria

Full Application Line-Item Budget Format

Full Application Logic Model Example