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Summer Reading Sign-Ups Have Ended.

Participants: If you missed the party, please bring your book log to your library by August 29 to claim your final prizes. If you are participating in the reading program online, you may still access your account here:



For Kids 3-12 years old

Summer Reading is the Napa Library’s Reading Extravaganza. Children sign up to participate in this free, self-paced program. They can read books of their choice at home, in the library, in the park, wherever the summer’s adventures might take them. We encourage children to come to the library to select new books and attend our FREE weekly programs.  Children who read 10 books or more are invited to come to the Readers Celebration for prizes at the end of the summer.

For Babies 0-3 years old

Wee ones age 0-3 and their families can also sign up to participate in fun, age appropriate, literacy based activities. Come to Storytime for Wee Ones, sing songs, recite rhymes, bounce with baby, and then come to our Wee Reader Celebration, a party designed just for babies and their families.

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Read for fun!

You can read books on whatever topic you like.  Read alone or with a friend.

Read to be a part of your community! 

Nearly 3,200 children in Napa County signed up for our Summer Reading Program in 2014.  Altogether they read more than 28,000 books during the summer!  Join in and celebrate your reading accomplishments at our end of the summer Reading Celebration.

Read for success! 

While summer reading is a lot more fun than finishing your broccoli, it is just as good for you.  The California Library Association has collected a number of studies (see studies) showing that children who do not read during the summer typically lose some of their reading skills, while children who read at least 5 books during the summer maintain or improve their reading skills.  Reading is the medium for learning many other subjects, so preserving and enhancing those reading skills is crucial to academic success.  Kids who participate in Summer Reading also get to choose the books they read, thereby reinforcing a fun and positive reading experience. Last but not least, reading, and the free programs we offer at the library, can keep kids engaged in constructive, age appropriate activities all summer long.





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Can I listen to audio books for Summer Reading? 

Yes! Tumblebooks (see Reading Links) and Bookflix stories (see Reading Links), books on CD, and Playaways all count towards your reading goal!

Can I just read easy books?

Our summer Reading program is self-directed. We hope that you will challenge yourself to read books at your reading level.

What happens if my child reads more than 10 books? 

Children who read 10 books or more will get prizes from the library. If children read more than the required 10 books, we encourage parents to celebrate and reward them with something special or a fun activity significant to their own family.

My book log only holds 38 titles; can I keep reading after I fill up my log?

Yes! Please read as much as you want to, and keep track of all your books. If you fill up your reading log, you can write book titles on a separate piece of paper and staple it to your log.

Can I read books I have read before?

We encourage you to read books you have not read before in order to discover new stories and explore new worlds.

Do I have to read books from the library? 

No. Any book counts whether it belongs to the library, to you, or to someone else. We just want you to be reading and having fun. 

What should I do if I lose my book log?

Try to keep your book log in the same place at your house when you aren’t bringing it to the library, that way you are less likely to lose it. If you do lose it, come to the library to pick up a replacement log. We save logs that are left at the library, so if you think you left it at the library, come to the children’s desk and ask us.

Can I keep track of the number of minutes my child reads instead of the number of books?

Yes! Each year library book logs have spaces to write book titles or track the minutes your child spends reading. Keeping track of minutes is a great way to give kids credit for reading more challenging books. Also, children who are struggling with reading, or who have trouble finishing a book, are encouraged to track minutes spent with books, rather than worry about the number of books completed.

Are there any events at the library this summer?

Yes! All our events are free. The Reader Celebration Party information is on your reading log because this event is only for children participating in the Summer Reading Program and their families. Check your log for details.

What if I can’t come to the party to pick up my prizes?

That’s O.K. You can pick up your prizes at the Napa Main Library or the American Canyon, Calistoga, or Yountville branch anytime between July 28 and August 29, 2015.

When is the last day I can pick up prizes or have my fines forgiven?

The last day to pick up prizes or have fines forgiven is Saturday, August 29, 2015.


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