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Code ComplaintCode violations generally consist of uses or structures without proper permits or authorizations from the County. Use the form below to submit a code violation complaint about a property. Please be specific about the property affected. If you do not know the address please describe as accurately as possible where the violations exists (nearest cross road, across the street from, landmarks, etc.)  Please verify that the property in question is located in the unincorporated area of the County. If the property is located in Napa City, Town of Yountville, American Canyon, St. Helena City or Calistoga City areas then please contact that jurisdiction. Please see the contact phone numbers below for those areas.  We will make every effort to pursue the concerns you have presented and will contact you if we are in need of additional information. Your name and contact information will be kept confidential to the extent we are legally entitled to do so.

Napa City Code Enforcement: 707-257-9646
Town of Yountville Building Department: 707-944-9619
American Canyon Building Department: 707-647-4581
St. Helena City Building Department: 707-968-2755
Calistoga City Building Department: 707-942-2825

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