2010 Napa Health Needs Assessment


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 2010 Community Health Assessment Identifies Priority Health Needs for Napa County

Obesity is Napa County's #1 health concern, according to the report.
The other top three priorities are:

  • Senior support services  
  • Substance use and abuse services, especially among youth  
  • Community-based mental health services  
  • Cara Mae McGarry, MPH
    Health Education Specialist
    Napa County HHSA, Public Health Division
    (707) 253-4773  

    Purpose of the 2010 AssessmentFeet on a scale

    In 2010, the Napa County hospitals and Kaiser Vallejo—joined by Napa County Public Health and others—re-formed as the Collaborative established in 2006 which sponsored an earlier community health needs assessment. The purpose was to plan for an updated needs assessment that could continue to track trends, and assist healthcare organizations, individually and collaboratively, in improving community health and maximizing resources. The assessment was also intended to guide the hospitals in developing their Community Benefits Plans to meet SB 697 requirements.

    This 2010 Napa County Community Health Needs Assessment presents the community with an overview of the state of health-related needs and benchmarks from which to gauge progress. It also provides documentation for decision-making to direct funding towards the highest-priority health needs in the community.

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