Public Health Preparedness Overview





 Preparedness Starts With You!

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Being prepared for public health emergencies is a priority of Napa County. We work with our partners throughout Napa County and at the state and regional levels to assure the most effective response possible to outbreaks of disease and other public health disasters, including a bioterrorist event.

Our programs are designed to respond quickly and effectively to threats endangering the health and safety of the public. Examples of these threats are:

Public Health Preparedness
Public Health Plans Exercise    

Emergency Operations Plans

The Napa County Public Health has developed Emergency Operations Plans to guide health an medical emergency response.  Plans include information on emergency response organization, assignment of tasks, specific policies and general procedures, and coordination of planning efforts using Standard Emergency Management System (SEMS)/National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Hospital Preparedness Program    

Hospital Preparedness Program

Napa County Public Health works closely with local health care facilities and providers including:

  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Skilled nursing & long-term care facilities
  • And other types of health care providers

to provide support so they will be able to respond to a public health emergency.

Public Health Medical Volunteer    

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

There are many types of disasters that can happen in Napa County.  Some events increase the demand for healthcare services so much that we may need to supplement the services regularly offered. In such a situation, called medical surge, Napa County may have to rely on volunteers to provide some health care services.


WHACK the Flu Skit

WHACK the Flu!

The Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program offers school health education programs and training with the goal to reduce school absences due to a decrease in illness spread through improper hygiene.