Pet Adoptions

Adoption Guidelines

The Napa County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is dedicated to finding furever homes for all of our adoptable animals! Our meet and greet process ensures that we match you with the appropriate pet possible while maintaining a safe environment for your family, animals, and staff. Please be advised of the following:

  • CatOur adoptions are by approval only. They are on a first come first approved basis!
  • We require landlord approval for rentals, having all family members present, and having resident dogs present.
  • Since we have to take every opportunity available to adopt, we do not place holds.
  • Our meet and greets end at 4:30 p.m. (15 minutes before closing)  

Meet & Greet Guidelines  

When you are ready to interact with any of our animals, a meet and greet form will need to be filled out. To save time, you can download and fill out the appropriate match form. Once the form is filled out and turned into the front counter, a staff member will go over any available information for that animal and help answer any questions you may have.  

At that point you will be given time to interact and visit. If all criteria are met and you are comfortable with the adoption, then a staff member will approve you. If the adoption is not finalized for whatever reason, then your application will go into a pending status, and we will have your application on file for 30 days. Reminder: we do not place holds on animals; the animal will still be considered available for adoption.

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Congratulations, You've Adopted! Now What?!

Introducing a new family member into your home can be both exciting and stressful. The below links can further assist in the transition of your pet into their new home!

If there are any questions about the adoption process, please call us at 707-253-4382.