Berlenbach Vineyards Conversion


The project includes: earthmoving, clearing of vegetation (remnant orchard, oak woodland, and ruderal grassland); the installation of erosion control measures associated with the development of approximately 2.9-acres of new vineyard (approximately 2.4 net vine acres) within one vineyard block (Blocks B) located on an approximately 37.93-acre parcel (i.e. the subject property). 

Typical slopes in the project area boundaries range from 10% to 25% with an average slope of 16%. None of the project area is on slopes over 30%. Approximately 110 trees covering approximately 2.9-acres are proposed to be removed. The trees are mostly young trees (four to ten inches in diameter) that began to grow in a former orchard that was left fallow. 

There would be no transport off-site of spoils: rock generated from vineyard development would be utilized in on-site landscaping. Remaining rock is not anticipated; however, any remaining rock would be stored within proposed vineyard development areas. The vineyard would be irrigated via a drip irrigation system with water from the property’s new recycled water pipeline. No heat, wind, or frost protection is proposed as part of the project other than late pruning practices. The existing wildlife exclusion fencing would be modified to include the proposed vineyard which is surrounded on three sides by existing vineyards.

Project Information

  • Application: P15-00366
  • Project Number: P15-00366
  • Project Class: Vineyards
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  • Parcel: 052-3-013-00
  • Address:
    1100 Barrow Lane
    Napa, CA 94558

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