Adopt-a-Roadside (Napa C.A.R.E.)

Napa C.A.R.E. is a great opportunity for businesses, clubs, nonpolitical organizations, etc. to help clean up and care for our environment. Participation may include removing litter, planting wildflowers, or a combination of both. 

Participants can:Litter Removal Next 2 Miles Jack Neal and Son Inc. Sign

  • Do the work with their own volunteers
  • Hire a contractor or 
  • Enlist the help of volunteers from the Volunteer Center

This program is designed to promote civic responsibility and community pride, while being fun, educational, and worthwhile.

Insurance & Indemnity Requirements

Organizations must maintain a valid certificate of insurance for general liability and a Worker’s Compensation policy covering their employees.

Organizations and individuals that are approved to participate in the C.A.R.E. program shall hold the County of Napa harmless for death, injury or property damage, which might have been prevented by the permittee and/or individual participants. Please refer to page two of the Napa C.A.R.E. Application (PDF). After your permit and certificate of insurance is received and approved, you may start work.

Recognition Signs & Certificate of Appreciation  

  • Signs are placed at the beginning of your project or where the County deems safe or most appropriate.
  • Signs may vary in size due to their location.
  • The decision to place signs, their size, and location are at the sole discretion of the County.
  • Signs for one adopter shall not encroach upon another adopter’s section.
  • The sign is limited to adopter’s name and logo. No products, phone numbers, or streets, etc. may be identified.  

The permit holder shall follow these safety standards pursuant to these guidelines. The County of Napa Department of Public Works reserves the right to revoke permission of aforementioned permit at any time.

Reasons Sections Aren't Adoptable

Sections may not be adoptable if:

  • That section is already adopted
  • Access to work areas is unsafe
  • The work area is unsafe unless there is additional traffic control
  • The shoulders or roadside are too narrow
  • Visibility is too restricted
  • Construction or other work is under way or planned
  • Traffic is too heavy or too close
  • Vehicle runoff potential is too high
  • Terrain is too rugged or too steep
  • Brush or vegetation is too dense
  • There is no area available for appropriate planting

When Removing Litter

  • Place all filled bags in one pile off of the paved roadway (Notify the County to pick up as soon as possible.)  
  • Do not trespass on private property

When Planting Wildflowers

  • Permittee shall provide all planting materials
  • Plant only wildflowers, bulbs or native shrubs listed in our Wildflower Listing (PDF)
  • Do not plant or trespass on private property