Future Public Access to the River

Extensive trails are planned for both sides of the River. On the east and west banks, trails will run north from Kennedy Park into the Downtown area. This east bank trail will be built atop the earthen berm that marks the eastern boundary of the flood plain terrace. On the west side of the River, the path will run along the floodwall boundary, becoming a more urban promenade as it reaches into Napa's Downtown. The western trail will continue above the oxbow all the way north to Trancas. 

The Lincoln Avenue to Trancas portion of this trail has been completed and is currently in use. Portions of the east trail south of Imola Avenue were completed in 2004. As sections of riverbank improvements are completed, trails will be built, with the pieces eventually linking up to form the complete trail system. In addition to trails, improved access for fishing, boating and other River activities is included in the planning processes of the Flood District and the City of Napa.