Project Construction Schedule

The Napa River/Napa Creek Flood Protection Project includes improvements to six miles of the Napa River from Highway 29 at the Butler Bridge/Southern Crossing to near Trancas Street, and Napa Creek from its outfall to the Napa River for about one mile upstream.  Elements of the Napa Project include bank terracing, bridge replacements, bypass channels, culverts, floodwalls, and levees.  

A number of Project components have been completed, such as the 600 plus acres of restored wetlands in the South Wetlands Opportunity Area, the replacement of the Third Street, First Street and Maxwell Bridges, the construction of the new Soscol Avenue Bridge, the cleanup of contaminated properties in the Oil Company Road area, the east bank terracing, and the Hatt to First Floodwall and Promenade, including the renovation of Veterans Memorial Park.  The remaining components that are currently under construction or yet to begin are listed below.  As of 2014 the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (NCFCWCD) is reanalyzing remaining project elements to more effectively compete for Federal funding and determine priorities moving forward.Wine train const.

Project Schedule

Project Component
Status Date
South Wetlands Opportunity Area Complete 2000
Kennedy Park to 8th Street Railroad Realignment Complete 2002
Kennedy Park to Third Street Floodplain and Marshplain Terracing Complete 2005
Maxwell Bridge (Imola Ave) Replacement Complete 2005
Railroad Bridges over Napa River and the Bypass Complete 2012
Napa Creek Culverts and Terraces Complete 2013
Napa River Dry Bypass Complete 2015
Floodwalls North of the Oxbow In Design Construction start scheduled for 2025
Imola Avenue to Hatt Building Floodwalls Pre-design Construction start scheduled for 2027
Oxbow Floodwalls Pre-design TBD