Stream Maintenance & Watershed Management Program

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District's Stream & Watershed Maintenance Program Mission

The Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District (District) was formed in 1951 with the dual goals of providing flood protection and water conservation to Napa County. Over the years since the District’s forming, flood protection and water conservation approaches have evolved, particularly with regard to an increased focus on the protection of natural resources within the District’s boundaries. Local streams provide habitat for a range of flora and fauna including certain rare, threatened or endangered species.

The District’s Milliken Creek 2012Stream and Watershed Maintenance Program enables the District at its discretion to attempt to reduce the potential for flood damage and enhance habitat along the riparian corridors on private and public lands throughout Napa County. The District responds to citizen and government alerts to potential flooding or erosion issues and works with property owners to enhance stream physical and biological processes. Maintenance is performed on an adaptive management approach and is prescriptive rather than routine in nature. The goal is to have a collaborative approach among local stakeholders to preserve Napa County’s riparian and stream resources while protecting life and property from flood damage.