Non-native Invasive Plant Management

The District’s long-term habitat restoration goals include enhancement of the Napa River and its major tributaries, and the creation and restoration of brackish emergent marsh (tidal), seasonal and emergent freshwater wetlands, tidal mudflats, riparian Arundo Removaland native woodlands. The broader goal is to establish an ecologically self-sustaining mosaic of habitats. The District’s stream management goals include ensuring that adequate flood conveyance capacity is provided, maintaining stable stream bank conditions, and enhancing instream ecological conditions. The District’s vegetation management and invasive species plant management efforts support countrywide restoration goals by:

  1. Preserving and restoring upland, wetland, tidal, and woodland habitats throughout the County by identifying, mapping, and eradicating invasive plant species;
  2. Avoid disturbing native habitat and plants areas and enhancing those areas through planting of appropriate native species.

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