Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse

Younger white hand holding elder’s white hand

This information is for victims and families coping with the effects of criminal abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Who Are Elders and Dependent Adults?

An “elder” is any person aged 65 years or older. A "dependent adult" is any person between the ages of 18 and 64 years experiencing physical and/or mental limitations.

Objectives of Elder Abuse Advocacy & Outreach Project

  • Enhance the safety of elder and dependent adults
  • Provide services to elder victims of crime
  • Coordinate direct services in an enhanced response to allegations of elder abuse among locally involved agencies and
  • Implement an outreach and awareness program for reporters of elder abuse and criminal justice personnel, senior citizens and the public.


View this Public Service Announcement regarding Elder Abuse, included on this page or available to watch on YouTube.