Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay Recycled Water Project

Recycled Water Update

Napa County and Napa Sanitation District are working to bring recycled water to the MST area.

If you own a property along the proposed MST Recycled Water Pipeline route (see the project map (PDF)) we encourage you to consider participating in the project. If you are interested in participating, please call 707-259-8600 or send project staff an email for additional information.

Community Facilities District

The Community Facilities District (CFD) to finance the MST Recycled Water Pipeline Project was formed in December 2012. Any MST property owners on or close to the pipeline route can request annexation into the CFD. Note that participation in the CFD (and recycled water project) is voluntary. Only property owners who request to be included in the project will participate in the CFD and only after agreeing to pay a maximum “special tax” amount for a period of 20 years.

Who Should Be in the CFD?

Property owners both small and large can join the CFD and help bring the project to fruition. Recycled water can be used in place of groundwater or other sources for landscape and vineyard irrigation and other outdoor uses.

What Will it Cost?  

The estimated pipeline cost for a residential property with less than one acre of vineyard is $2,000 maximum per year for 20 years. If you have one acre or more of vineyard, you will be assessed in the vineyard category (email project staff or call 707-259-8600 for a cost estimate).

Note that these figures reflect only the cost of building the recycled water pipeline. Purchasing recycled water (currently $1.57 per 1000 gallons) and any cost of on-site improvements (such as installing connecting pipelines from the street to your property) are not included.

What's the Timeline?

At that time, the County will consider contractor bids, confirmed property owner commitments, and State and federal funding opportunities and will make a final decision on proceeding with the project. Again, participation in this project is strictly voluntary.  

If you are interested in participating, please contact project staff as soon as possible either by email or by calling 707-259-8600. If you submitted an interest form or request for annexation and haven't been contacted by project staff, please call 707-259-8600.

Water Conservation

Save Our Water

Water conservation is the best and cheapest way to relieve the pressure on the groundwater basin and continued conservation will save on pumping costs as well. For additional statewide water conservation ideas, visit Save Our Water. Find out more by visiting the Napa County Water Conservation website.