Treasurer - Tax Collector

Tax Collector Moving to Lockbox Services

The Napa County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office is moving to lockbox services for property tax payments received through the mail.  The Tax Collector’s Division has contracted with RT Lawrence to provide lockbox services which include:

  • Scanning all payments, envelopes and correspondence received. These images are attached to the parcel master file for access by internal Napa County Tax Collector staff.
  • Recording each payment to the correct property tax bill in the County’s property tax system.
  • Transmitting all payments and images to the Tax Collector via an encrypted file transfer.
  •  Providing a file of payment issues requiring immediate Tax Collector attention.

Our goal with this change is to provide more timely assistance to Napa County Taxpayers.  We encourage you to reach out to the Napa County Tax Collector staff with any questions or issues that we can help explain and/or resolve.

RT Lawrence has provided imaging and property tax linkage services to Napa County for many years. The lockbox services will leverage existing processes and equipment to make property tax payment processing more efficient.

This change will have minimal impact on taxpayers.  The mailing address for payments has changed to:

Robert G. Minahen
Napa County Treasurer-Tax Collector
P.O. Box 6002
Whittier, CA  90607-6002

The new remittance address is included on the two return payment envelopes provided with your property tax bill, so simply take advantage of the envelopes provided and drop them in the mail.  If using window envelopes, please change the remit to address for the Napa County Tax Collector to the Post Office Box above.

Property tax payments will continue to be accepted via electronic payments (credit cards or eChecks) and in person at the Napa County Administration Building.

As always, if you have any questions please contact the Tax Collector’s Division at (707) 253-4312.