What is Being Done

To address these challenges, long-term, systematic monitoring is essential to provide data allowing for improved evaluations of water resource conditions and trends. Napa County has embarked on a countywide Groundwater Monitoring Program (PDF) to develop a sound understanding of groundwater conditions through groundwater monitoring and data management. The program has delineated the entire county into 17 subareas (PDF) based on geographic, geologic, and districts. These subareas provide a basis for the presentation of data and related reports. Overall, the Groundwater Monitoring Program will provide a foundation for future coordinated, integrated water resources planning and sharing of key water resources information.

Over the past 6 years, Napa County has developed a more focused understanding of the geology that controls the occurrence and availability of groundwater and doubled the number and distribution of wells that it monitors. The County has constructed additional dedicated monitoring facilities in key locations designed specifically to provide data on the interactions between groundwater and surface water. Added groundwater quality monitoring is currently underway and also planned for the upcoming 2016-17 monitoring cycle.

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