2014 Auction List

2014 May Auction information

The Assessor's plat maps may be downloaded from the bid4assets auction website. The maps are provided as a courtesy; we cannot guarantee that they are correct. The County makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, relative to the title, location or condition of the properties for sale.

Auction Dates

Research Before You Invest

You should inspect the property before investing. The burden is on the purchaser to thoroughly research, before the sale, any matters relevant to his or her decision to purchase, rather than on the County, whose sole interest is the recovery of back taxes.

It is recommended that bidders consult with the Zoning Department of any city within which a particular parcel lies or the Zoning Section of the County Planning Department for an unincorporated area parcel.

Should the successful purchaser desire a survey of the property, it will be at the purchaser's own initiative and expense. No warranty is made by the County, either expressed or implied, relative to usability, the ground location, or property lines of the properties. The exact location, desirability, and usefulness of the properties must be determined by the prospective purchaser. You can also examine the county records for any recorded easements on a property, or a title search initiated at the prospective purchaser's expense should reveal any liens or encumbrances of record on a property in the tax auction.


The tax-defaulted property will be sold on an "as is" basis.

This is a “Buyer Beware” situation and all sales are final.

Parcels are sold on an “as is” basis and Napa county assumes no responsibility, implied or otherwise, that the properties are in compliance with zoning ordinances, conform to building codes and permits or the situs address no government entity is liable for damages sustained to property purchased at public auction, including from the time of the sale until the recordation of the tax deed to the purchaser.

Contact Information

If you have additional questions, please contact the tax collector’s office at 707-253-4314 or email the Tax Collector.

Auction List

NumberAssessor's Parcel NumberCurrent Assessed OwnerMinimum BidStatus
1002-082-050Davis Mildred E TR$ 9,400Redeemed
2007-212-001Mecchi Arthur D$51,000Withdrawn
3016-191-004Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement$17,300No Bid
4016-192-004Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement$16,400No Bid
5016-194-001Kalaveras Sally$17,100No Bid
6016-201-001Lake Berryessa Resort Improvement$17,000No Bid
7016-203-010Wright Gerald and Sara Tr$16,000No Bid
8016-203-023MEV Investments LLC$19,500No Bid
9016-213-006Fowler Marie K Tr$24,400No Bid
10016-234-006Svoboda Edward M JR$23,000No Bid
11016-243-018Ayala Xavier$26,900No Bid
12016-254-025Campos Silvano C$25,300No Bid
13016-262-007Campos Silvano C$23,000No Bid
14019-431-001Cull Edward A and Teresa M$15,500Withdrawn
15019-462-020Venyta Investment Group Inc$24,000Redeemed
16019-492-017Purtill Michael C$10,900Redeemed
17019-493-016Cull Edward and Teresa$8,900Withdrawn
18019-504-009Lee Russel and Valentine Monica$16,700No Bid
19025-290-027Ambrose Family LP$148,000No Bid
20032-140-049Evans Dawn$27,000Redeemed
21032-140-057Walther Carl H$27,300Redeemed
22032-140-058Evans Dawn A$32,900Redeemed
23032-270-011Rosselli Roy and Susan$14,500Sold-$14,500
24032-290-037Khan Rashid A$10,700Sold-$10,700
25032-300-004Wilson Michael L and Mercedes L$6,700Sold-$8,900
26032-300-009Toliver Danny R$6,800No Bid
27032-320-020Lee Russel and Valentine-Lee Monica ETAL$9,000No Bid
28032-460-005Cedar Funding Inc$96,000Withdrawn
29033-200-013Lewis James R Etal$23,900Redeemed
30046-130-003Madden Michael J Etal$38,600Redeemed
31047-100-015Rubio Ignacio Etal$65,500Redeemed
32058-081-004Summit State Bank$10,800Redeemed
33058-081-005Summit State Bank$43,800Redeemed
34058-081-006Summit State Bank$51,900Redeemed
35058-166-008Vance N Lavon$6,400Redeemed
36058-243-015Diggs Pearl L$6,500Redeemed
37059-075-007Lemas Linda S$5,000Redeemed
38059-080-001Pooja Oil Company LLCD$114,300Sold-$114,300