Paying Your Taxes

Obtaining Your Tax Bill

Annual secured tax bills, which can be paid in two installments, are mailed once a year by November 1. This is the only bill regularly mailed each year by the Tax Collector and contains payment stubs for both installments. 

If you do not receive your annual tax bill by November 1, you may request one by calling the Napa County Tax Collector's Office at 707-253-4312 during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or; in person, at the Tax Collector's Office located at:
Napa County Administration Building
1195 Third Street
Suite 108
Napa, CA 94559

You may also obtain a copy online by visiting the Property Tax Payments page.

Supplemental Property Tax

If your taxes are paid through an impound account (i.e., included with your mortgage payment), your lender should request your annual tax bill, and you will receive an informational copy. Supplemental Property Tax bills (additional taxes added after reassessment upon sale of the property or new construction), are mailed directly to you, not your lender. It is your responsibility to contact your lender to determine who will pay the supplemental tax bill.

Note on the Law

Important note- per state law, failure to receive a tax bill shall not relieve the lien of taxes, nor shall it prevent the imposition of penalties imposed by this code (California Revenue and Taxation Code 2610.5).