Reporting Environmental Violations

Using the Environmental Crimes Hotline

If you see, hear about or otherwise know about activity that you believe is against the law ,call toll free 800-69T-OXIC (also listed numerically as 800-698-6952).

Important Clues

When you call the hotline, staff will have questions for you. The more answers you can provide them, the better equipped they will be to identify and investigate the possible environmental crimes. Try to answer the following questions for yourself before picking up the phone.

  • Who is involved in the activity? Who owns the property or business? Who else knows what's going on?
  • What did you see, hear and smell? What types of chemicals or materials were involved? What type of environmental damage took place?
  • Where did it happen? What is the street address? Can you draw a simple map to help investigators pinpoint where the violation occurred?
  • When did the activity occur, how frequently and for how long? When do you suspect it is likely to happen again?
  • How were the chemicals or materials disposed of? Were they buried, burned, or abandoned into a body of water, onto the ground, or into a storm drain or sewer?

Reporting Hillside Erosion Violations

The Napa County Hillside Ordinance prohibits any grading or development activity on any slope in excess of 5% unless the developer first obtains an approved Soil Erosion Control Plan. If you believe any hillside in Napa County is being developed without an approved plan, you should report the activity to the code enforcement officer for the Napa County Department of Conservation, Development and Planning; call 253-4417.

Reporting Fish & Game Violations

The Department of Fish and Game regulates activities that affect our rivers, streams and other natural waterways. It is illegal for any person to pollute any stream with trash, waste, chemicals and even silt or dirt. It is also illegal for any person to alter in any way the bed, banks or channel of any river, stream or lake. If you are aware of any such activity, please report it to the Fish and Game CalTips Hotline: 888-DFG-CALTIPS (also listed numerically as 888-334-2258).