Welcome to the process for obtaining discovery from the Napa County District Attorney’s Office!

(Felony initial discovery will be provided at the arraignment by the Deputy; supplemental discovery can be obtained through the eDiscovery process)

First Steps

The first step is to obtain a password from our office. It’s easy!

Just complete and submit the Defense Counsel password request form.

Attach a copy of all relevant California A State Bar cards.

Submit in one of several ways:

Email it
Fax to 707-253-4041
Leave the form in our court folder
Drop the form off at our office
Mail it to 1127 First Street, Suite C, Napa CA 94559

Following approval, you will receive an email on the procedures for activating your account.

Note: If you wish to share the login and password with your staff members, please ensure they understand that ANY misuse of the system will result in your inability to access discovery through this method and you will be asked to pick up all discovery at our office thereafter.


  • Upon being appointed an attorney of record on a case, contact our office in writing that you wish to obtain discovery. Within 24 hours, you will have electronic access to the appropriate discovery items on the case.
  • Any requests for additional items (items that we may not have received or uploaded yet, or to which you have not been granted electronic access) should be made in writing. All appropriate discovery items will be made available to you once they are uploaded.
  • If you receive discovery and subsequently a different attorney is hired or appointed, the new attorney must request access using the procedures as outlined above and your access to that file will be removed.
  • The discovery will remain available until the case is closed.
  • Initial Felony discovery will be provided at the arraignment in court by the DDA appearing on the case to the attorney making a general appearance. If you are making a special appearance on behalf of another attorney, you will not receive the packet.

Pro Per Procedures

If you are appointed to act on your own behalf, please visit our office to obtain discovery. You will need to be on record (in the minute order) as representing yourself before any discovery will be provided. You will be asked for identification and to sign a Pro Per Discovery Request Form. You will be entered as the "attorney of record" and discovery will be provided.