Water Conservation

Water is a precious and limited resource, especially in drought-prone Napa County. As a result, water conservation and the efficient use of Napa County’s water supply are major priorities for the County.

We encourage all residents in Napa County to embrace wise water use as a daily habit, whether we are experiencing a year of heavy or meager rain. Start by clicking on one of the links below, which provides water conservation resources, rebates, tips and information regarding your local water agency, including water use restrictions. You can also visit Save Our Water for additional resources and ideas on how to conserve water. 

Drought and Water Supply

Reservoir and Precipitation Levels

Water Bill Rebates

If you receive a water bill, check with your water supplier to find out what rebates they offer. Visit the Watershed Information and Conservation Council's website to find out more.  

Water-Wise Landscaping

Selecting appropriate plants, mulching, and frequently adjusting irrigation to match the weather are just a few of the actions you can take to save water in your landscape. Learn more about Water-Wise Gardening in the Napa Valley.

Municipal and State Water Conservation Links

Additional Links