Arts & Culture Advisory Committee


On April 10, 2012. the Napa County Board of Supervisors signed a resolution creating an Arts & Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) for the primary purpose of conducting a capacity building grant program and making recommendations to County staff regarding grant awards to be made to non-profit art and cultural organizations in Napa County. Funding for grants comes from the Special Projects Fund, which the Board of Supervisors established after the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) increased from 10.5% to 12% on January 1, 2005.

Each year the ACAC conducts a Request for Proposals application process, awarding arts grants to deserving arts-based nonprofit groups in Napa. The ACAC forwards its recommendations for deserving applicants to the Board of Supervisors, which makes the final decisions on grant funding. The goal of the arts grant program is to: provide more focus on growing arts and culture in Napa, include more diversity of cultures and voices, and foster more collaboration among Napa's art groups, as reflected in Napa's arts plan: A Community Cultural Plan for Napa County (PDF).


Representing Term Expires
Christopher DeNatale (Chair) Arts Council Napa Valley (Non-voting) 9-30-2021 (415) 297-3093 2
Jessica Lee Penman (Vice Chair) County At-Large (3-Year Term) 9-30-2021 (707) 944-0904 2
James Thomas Bailey Presentation/Performing Arts 09-30-2021 (707) 255-0950 ext. 659 3
Evy Warshawski Creation of Arts and Culture Opportunities 09-30-2022 (707) 501-8567 4
Andrea Williams Education of Arts & Culture 09-30-2020 (323) 828-7756 1
David Ruane Youth Arts 9-30-2020 (707) 481-6450 2
Robin Craig County At-Large (One-Year Term) 09-30-2020 (443) 823-1804 5
Jesse Petrick County At-Large (3-Year Term) 9-30-2022 (310) 367-2977 1

Committee Meetings


Time: 9 a.m.
Dates: 4th Monday of January, April, and October
Location: Board of Supervisors Chambers, 1195 Third Street, Suite 305, Napa, CA 94559


Special meetings of the Advisory Committee may be called in conformance of the Brown Act, including 24 hour notice of the meeting posted at the regular meeting location, and in those local newspapers that have requested to be informed of Advisory Committee Meetings.


Meeting Videos


Read the Committee's Bylaws (PDF), including purpose, membership, terms and more.

FY 2020-21 Grant Cycle (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)


Grant Workshops

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee will be hosting two grant workshops in January (event details below). This is a great opportunity for applicants to ask questions and learn about the new 2020-2021 Grant Guidelines and application process.

Grant Workshop #1

Wednesday, January 22 @ 5:30 PM
Arts Council Napa Valley
3299 Claremont Way #5, Napa

Grant Workshop #2

Thursday, January 23 @ 5:30 PM
Yountville Community Center (Art Room)
6516 Washington St., Yountville

ACAC Grant Workshop Presentation (PDF)

FY 2020-21 Grant Award Recipients

Tourism Generating Arts & Culture Organization (Awarded: $142,060)

  • Friends of Lincoln Theater & Napa County Reads (Collaborative Grant): $47,500
  • Napa Valley Writer’s Conference – NVC District Auxiliary Services Foundation: $5,560
  • Music in the Vineyards: $19,000

    Napa Valley Festival Association: $25,000

  • Rail Arts District Napa: $17,500

  • Napa Valley Museum: $27,500

Arts & Culture Services

  • Arts Council Napa Valley: $69,645


General Arts and Culture Organization (Awarded: $107,054)

  • Napa Valley Youth Symphony: $17,910
  • Robert Louis Stevenson Museum: $7,500
  • NapaShakes Napa Valley Shakespeare: $17,500
  • Art Association Napa Valley: $6,915
  • Lucky Penny Production: $17,500
  • Nimbus Arts: $22,229
  • Nimbus Arts: $2,500
  • E & M Presents Inc: $7,500
  • Shakespeare Napa Valley: $7,500