Report an Illicit Discharge

It is illegal to release anything other than stormwater which is free of pollutants to a stormwater conveyance system! Stormwater conveyance systems include streets, curbs and gutter, storm drains and ditches. See Non-Stormwater Discharges below to learn about specific exemptions to these prohibitions.

Call the Stormwater Hotline for the local jurisdiction in which its occurring to report an illicit discharge. Please provide a detailed account of the incident (i.e., date, time, location, responsible party (if known), pollutant (if known) and nature of the incident when you call. You can report anonymously but if you provide your contact information it allows municipal staff to gather additional information and report back to you about the outcome of the incident.

Stormwater Hotlines

  • American Canyon: 707-647-4550
  • Napa: 707-257-9600
  • Yountville: 707-944-8851 or 707-944-2988 after hours
  • St. Helena: 707-968-2658 or 707-967-2850 after hours
  • Calistoga: 707-942-2828
  • Napa County (unincorporated): 707-253-4417 or Report Online

Non-Stormwater Discharges aka "Allowable" Discharges

The following discharges are exempt from the illicit discharge prohibitions.

  1. Water line flushing and other discharges from potable water sources
  2. Irrigation and lawn watering
  3. Rising ground waters or springs
  4. Passive foundation and footing drains
  5. Water from crawl space pumps and basement pumps
  6. Air conditioning condensate
  7. Noncommercial vehicle washing (Local agencies also allow occasional non-profit car wash fund raisers.  Contact your local stormwater agency for more information.)
  8. Natural flows from riparian habitats and wetlands
  9. Dechlorinated swimming pool discharges (Prior to draining a swimming pool to the street, you must call the local stormwater agency for an encroachment permit.  Please refer to the Pollution Prevention for Pools, Spas, and Fountains page for more information on best management practices (BMPs) and discharge options.)
  10. Flows from fire suppression activities, including fire hydrant flows
  11. Waters not otherwise containing wastes as defined in California Water Code Section 13050(d) and California Health and Safety Code Section 25117
  12. Diverted stream flows
  13. Uncontaminated ground water infiltration (as defined at 40 Code of Federal Regulation Section 35.2005(b)(20) to separate storm sewers
  14. Uncontaminated pumped ground water

Please refer to the BMPs and frequently asked questions (FAQs) found throughout this website and the local stormwater ordinances for more information on the local discharge requirements.