Pesticide Safety Program

The Agricultural Commissioner administered Pesticide Use Enforcement program is responsible for ensuring the safe use of pesticides in all settings in the county. Through training and outreach, we strive to educate pesticide users of their legal responsibilities. Through inspections and investigations we ensure the safety of workers, the public and the environment.

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Pesticide Use Enforcement Programs (Registration Information)

public health preparednessNew Updated Fieldworker forms A-9, Pesticide Handler Information, and Pesticide Safety Series Information are now available.

CalAgPermits Information  

CalAgPermitsCalAgPermits is the State's web-based (online) pesticide permitting program. This free service is intended to simplify and streamline the existing permit and pesticide reporting process. For more information about using CalAg Permits, see our information page.

Maintenance Gardeners

For information about state requirements for maintenance, gardeners visit the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) webpage in English and Spanish.  

Continuing Education

Upcoming Continuing Education Opportunities

Additional CE Resources

This is information is for QAL, QAC, PCA, and PAC holders who need to renew their licenses or certificates. There are a variety of organizations and businesses that offer continuing education credits utilizing on-line or webinar formats. The sites below offer both free and/or paid courses. The Napa County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office does not endorse or offer any opinion as to the value of these services. DPR offers a list of classes available in the state. 

San Joaquin County Agricultural Commissioner's Office

Ag CEU Online

University of California (UC IPM) Online training

University of California (UC IPM) Webinar series

PESTED - Educational Services for the Pest Management Industry

Database of Agricultural Pesticides

For a comprehensive database of agricultural pesticides applied in Napa County visit the California Department of Pesticide Regulation Pesticide Use Reporting page. Select desired year to begin query; results are indexed by agricultural commodity or by chemical name.

2020 Pesticide Use Violations

Administrative Civil Penalties in Napa County in 2019
Business Type Violation Type Fine Amount
Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business Hazard Communication $300
Grower Application-Specific Information $250
Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business Unlicensed Maintenance Gardener Pest Control Business $250
Pest Control Business – Vineyard Management Decontamination Facility $250
Pest Control Business – Vineyard Management Personal Protective Equipment Use – Eyewear Backflow Prevention/Airgap $600
Pest Control Business – Vineyard Management Application-Specific Information $300