Inspection Program

Each of the Napa County Stormwater Management Program (NCSWMP) agencies conduct business inspections within their jurisdiction to verify that stormwater best management practices (BMPs) are used to eliminate illicit discharges to the stormwater conveyance system.  During these inspections, inspectors identify any needed improvements in stormwater pollution prevention and control practices and establish schedules for accomplishing these improvements.  As needed, inspectors enforce local stormwater ordinances and/or hazardous waste management and other statutes to control stormwater pollution.

This information describes the stormwater business inspection program for each of the NCSWMP agencies.

City of Napa, City of Calistoga, Napa County

The Napa County Department of Environmental Health conducts stormwater compliance inspections at food service facilities and business plan facilities (CUPA) within the Cities of Napa, Calistoga and the unincorporated areas of Napa County.  Food service facilities are inspected for stormwater compliance on an annual basis, and CUPA facilities are inspected every three years.  Inspectors use stormwater inspection checklists for food service facilities (PDF) and CUPA facilities (PDF) to verify that BMPs are fully implemented and effective.

Business plan facilities that have no potential for pollutants to come in contact with stormwater may be exempted from the stormwater inspection program.  Examples of facilities that may qualify for an exemption include facilities that store all materials or conduct all operations indoors.  Please contact the Department of Environmental Health at 707-253-4471 to learn more about the exemption.