Office Locations

Main Office

The Napa County Sheriff's Office is a state of the art facility located at 1535 Airport Blvd, Napa, CA 94558 near the Napa County Airport. 

Entrance of Napa Sheriff Substation


There are several substations in various locations throughout the County including:

  • Angwin
  • City of Napa
  • Lake Berryessa
  • Yountville

Contracted Police Services

The Sheriff's Office currently provides contracted police services to two of the five incorporated towns or cities within the County. 

  • City of American Canyon- The American Canyon Police Department is staffed by Sheriff's personnel who wear American Canyon Police uniforms.  The current contingent includes one Captain (who functions as Chief of Police), four sergeants and nineteen deputies. 
  • Town of Yountville- The Sheriff's personnel also provide police services to the Town of Yountville through a contract.  Deputies assigned to Yountville wear Sheriff's Office uniforms, that bear special insignia that indicate they are assigned to Yountville.  The current contingent there is one sergeant and three deputies, who are regularly supplemented by deputies assigned to the Valley Patrol Bureau.
Entrance of Substation at American Canyon
Entrance of Substation at Angwin
Lake Berryessa Substation - Sheriff Car
  1. American Canyon Police Substation

    Physical Address
    911 Donaldson Way East
    Napa, CA 94558


    Phone: : 707-551-0600
    Fax: : 707-644-8641

    Additional Phone Numbers
    707-253-4451 Dispatch

  1. Angwin Regional Office

    Physical Address
    100 Howell Mountain Road
    Angwin, CA 94508


    Phone: : 707-965-1158

    Additional Phone Numbers
    707-253-4451 Dispatch

  1. Lake Berryessa Regional Office

    Physical Address
    5520 Knoxville Road
    Lake Berryessa, CA 94558


    Phone: : 707-253-4637
    Fax: : 707-966-3805

    Additional Phone Numbers
    707-253-4451 Dispatch

St. Helena Substation Entrance Sign
Entrance of Town of Yountville Substation
  1. Saint Helena Regional Office (Bothe Park)

    Physical Address
    3801 N Saint Helena Highway
    Saint Helena, CA 94574


    Phone: : 707-942-5370
    Fax: : 707-942-9560

    Additional Phone Numbers
    • 707-253-4451 Dispatch
    • 707-963-9564 Office

  1. Town of Yountville Police Substation

    Physical Address
    1950 Mulberry Street
    Yountville, CA 94599


    Phone: : 707-944-9228
    Fax: : 707-944-9004

    Additional Phone Numbers
    707-253-4451 Dispatch