Wildlife Conservation Commission

About Us

The Wildlife Conservation Commission (WCC) is an eight-member commission that advises the Napa County Board of Supervisors on funding proposals that preserve and enhance Napa County wildlife and their habitats, pursuant to California Fish and Game Code §13103.

The Commission is comprised of four members representing the Public at Large, one Sportsperson/Angler, one Wildlife/Conservation representative, one youth representative between the age of 15 and 25, and one Planning, Building, Environmental Services Commission representative.

The Wildlife Conservation Commission operates under the framework set up by the Bylaws of the Napa County Wildlife Conservation Commission (PDF).



Advancing the Protection, Conservation, Propagation, and Preservation of Fish and Wildlife in Napa County.


  • Gregory Matsumoto, Chair
    Public At Large
  • Ina Pisani, Vice Chair
    Wildlife / Conservation
  • David Whitmer
    Planning Commission
  • Kimberly Richard
    Public At Large
  • Michael Sipiora
    Public At Large
  • Charles Burton
    Public At Large
  • Alex Pader
  • Thomas Collins
    Youth Representative

Staff Representatives

  • Brian Bordona, Secretary (Acting)
    Phone: 707-253-4417
  • Pam Arifian, Planner II
    Phone: 707-259-5934Call: 707-259-8239
  • Daniel Zador, Planner II
    Phone: 707-259-8239 Call: 707-259-8239
  • Laura Anderson, Deputy County Counsel
    Phone: 707-259-8252 Call: 707-259-8239


Grants & Proposals

Funding proposals submitted to the WCC must advance the purposes listed in Section 13103 of the California Fish and Game Code.

Grant proposals must follow the outlines and meet the Requirements (PDF) set forth by the Wildlife Conservation Commission for funding requests.

The grant funding cycle customarily opens in the months of May, June, and July. On a regular basis the WCC posts funding requests (RFPs). Funding proposals submitted must advance the purposes listed in Section 13103 of the California Fish and Game Code.

If you have questions about the Wildlife Conservation Commission or want to learn more about them, please send us an email.

See Grant Funding - Current Projects for a description of the most recent project funded by the WCC.

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