Napa Special Investigations Bureau


The primary mission of the Bureau will be to significantly diminish the availability and illegal use, sales and manufacturing of drugs in the City of Napa, City of St. Helena, City of Calistoga, City of American Canyon, the Town of Yountville and the County of Napa, California and to apprehend the responsible offenders, thereby increasing public safety.  A corollary mission of the Bureau will be to diminish the commission of major crimes within the county. 


The objectives of the Bureau shall be threefold:

A. Enforcement:

The Bureau shall concentrate on investigating offenders identified as users, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of controlled substances as defined in the Health and Safety Code within Napa County.  Additionally, the Bureau will direct efforts to stem the flow of drugs into the County by apprehending inter-jurisdictional traffickers through a coordinated effort among local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.  In its discretion, the Bureau will also assist with the investigation of major crimes affecting residents throughout the County.

B. Intelligence:

The Bureau will work collaboratively with other local law enforcement agency personnel by sharing information and shall disseminate relevant intelligence on suspected drug trends, major crimes and other criminal violators to appropriate law enforcement personnel.

C. Education:

The Bureau shall inform local law enforcement officials regarding the basic functions of narcotics and major crimes investigations, educate and encourage local police agencies to utilize services available through the Bureau and impart knowledge to the general public as to drug identification, symptoms of drug use, dangers involved in the illicit use of drugs and information on current drug problems.