Vine Mealybug Maps

Interactive Map

Has vine mealybug (VMB) been found near you? Access data from our interactive map to find out. Each square represents a 25-acre area and are colored relative to the range of VMB males trapped. The map is searchable by APN, address or operator identification/permit number. Contact our office if you have questions about the map.

You can use our guide (PDF) to help navigate through the mapping program.


Historical Maps

Beginning in 2012, The Ag Commissioner's Office conducted an enhanced vine mealybug trapping program of 25 traps per square mile, well above the previous regimen of seven traps per square mile.  By analyzing the number of males found in each of the traps, staff is able to detect new areas of infestation as well as track reductions in population.

Maps of 2014 Vine Mealybug Finds in Napa County

Maps of 2013 Vine Mealybug finds in Napa County

Please note: Trapping was not conducted in Carneros in 2013 because the area is considered to be widely infested as evidenced by the 2012 trap data.

Maps of 2012 Vine Mealybug finds in Napa County