Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa Sheriff Boat With Sign

Marine Patrol Services

The Napa Sheriff's Office provides Marine Patrol services for Lake Berryessa year around and will respond at night on a call-out basis for life threatening emergencies.  Deputies assigned to Marine Patrol drive various types of specially equipped vessels, some of which are equipped to handle calls in inclement weather.    The Marine Patrol Unit will also respond to calls for service on the Napa River outside of the city limits as needed.


Their duties on the water include:

  • Boating Safety Inspections
  • Boating Safety Presentations
  • Enforcement of State and Local Laws
  • Search and Rescue
  • Vessel Accident Investigation
  • Handling requests for Mutual Aid, such as providing security during "Fleet Week" in the San Francisco Bay.

Lake Berryessa Photo Collage - Water and Skiing

Land Based Services

In addition to the Marine Patrol, deputies are assigned to provide typical land based law enforcement services to the areas surrounding Lake Berryessa.  Two of the "land" deputies assigned to the Lake Berryessa area are assigned through a contract with the federal Bureau of Reclamation to maintain a visible presence and provide services specifically to the B.O.R. controlled areas.  These deputies use a Community Oriented method of policing in that they invest their time into developing and maintaining collaborative relationships with community stakeholders to provide an exceptional level of service.