Devlin Road Segment E Project, RDS 11-06, BR#21C0139


Project Scope

This project involves the design and construction of a new bridge at the junction of Devlin Road with Fagan Creek between Tower Road and Airpark Road.  The project is funded with Napa Valley Business Park Traffic Mitigation Fees and will provide a parallel route to Highway 29 between Airport Blvd and South Kelly Road.  This segment of Devlin Road is proposed to have three lanes- one northbound, one southbound and a center eastbound turn lane; sidewalks on the west side of the road; and a Class I multi-use path for pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the east side of the road.  Permitting agencies gave their approval to use the County owned easement of Fagan Creek near the Napa County Airport as the project mitigation site.  Construction is scheduled for April 2019.

Cal Recycle is providing $385,000 in funding for the County to use 310,000 shredded tires as roadway fill material instead of importing soil to build up the road on each side of Fagan Creek to the bridge that is eight feet higher than the existing land.


Contractors shall possess a Class A license at the time of contract award.  The project was awarded to Ghilotti Construction Co., Inc. of Santa Rosa, CA.  The bid results breakdown is listed in "RDS 11-06 Devlin Road Segmt E - Bid Results 01-31-2019" document.  Letter to the Public is attached.


Contractor Location Total Base Bid
Ghilotti Construction Co. Santa Rosa, CA $4,274,189.05
Ghilotti Brothers Inc. San Rafael, CA $4,393,465.00
Bridgeway Civil Constructors Vacaville, CA $4,465,000.00
Gordon N. Ball Alamo, CA $4,670,054.00
McCullough Construction Arcata, CA $4,897,020.93
Northern Pacific Corp Napa, CA $4,997,735.00