Bomb Squad

Bomb Team MemberTraining

The Napa County Sheriff’s Department Hazardous Devices Team, often referred to as EOD, responds to incidences concerning explosives and post blast investigations. The team consists of four members all of which have been trained by the Federal Bureau of Investigations at the Hazardous Devices School, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama. Each are trained and certified in the identification of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear material as well as Improvised Explosive Devices.

Each member receives ongoing training relating to:

  • Demolition and Disposal Procedures
  • Hand Entry Techniques
  • Improvised Explosives
  • Incendiary Devices
  • X-Ray Interpretation


The team responds to the need of local and state agencies within the county and the surrounding area in a fully equipped response vehicle. The vehicle contains special purpose tools, respiratory equipment, rigging and lines and robotic deployment. As well as locating and providing render safe procedures, team members also provide expertise in evidence collection, case preparation and courtroom testimony.