Dive Team

Operations Dive Team Photo Collage


The Sheriff’s Office Underwater Search and Recovery Team (Dive Team) is a public safety diving organization. Currently the dive team is comprised of four divers and eight dive tenders. To be a member of the dive team on dive status, candidates must demonstrate their abilities in a pool environment, and be certified as an advanced scuba diver through an internationally recognized diving organization. Candidates must also demonstrate that they are comfortable in zero visibility and black water environments.

Training & Service

Once selected, divers are certified in rescue diving, search and recovery operations, equipment maintenance, dry suit diving, and underwater communications. The dive team trains on a monthly basis, mostly involving skills review and proficiency, as well as orientation dives at various locations throughout Napa County. The dive team is available on a call-out basis to all agencies within Napa County, and its surrounding jurisdictions.


Dive team operations include initiating search and recovery operations in underwater environments, locating and investigating underwater crime scenes, documenting and retrieving evidentiary items from the water, and assisting in the investigation of water related crimes. The dive team conducts both land and boat based operations in a variety of challenging bodies of water within Napa County. The dive team’s primary focus on any operation is safety.

Strategic & Challenging Group

Public safety diving is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding field. It is also considered to be one of the most hazardous that requires a strong commitment. Members of the dive team are highly motivated and professional, and are committed to safety. The dive team is considered an elite group within the Sheriff’s Department and membership is highly competitive.