Off-Road Enforcement Team

Three Officers Standing Next to Dirt BikesReport Emergencies

To report emergencies or violations please contact:

  • Napa County Dispatch Center
  • Non-emergency 707-253-4451
  • Emergency 707-253-0911
  • Bureau of Land Management Office 707-468-4000
  • Lake County Sheriff's Department 707-263-2331
  • California Department of Fish and Game 707-944-5512

Officers on Dirt Roads With Dirt BikesPersonnel & Program Start

The Off-Road Enforcement Team comprises 9 Sheriff's Office personnel who patrol the rural public lands of Napa County on an overtime basis. Funding for the program is provided by a grant from the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission. Matching funds for the grant are provided by the Napa County Sheriff's Office yearly budget. The team was created in response to complaints received from the public regarding the criminal activity occurring on the public lands inside of Napa County, specifically the "lawless behavior" occurring on the public lands of the Knoxville Recreation Area.

Sheriff Jeep with Trailer of Dirt BikesLand Use

The Off-Road Enforcement Team primarily focuses its patrol efforts on the public lands of the Knoxville Recreation Area. This is an isolated area located in the far northeast corner of Napa County and the southeast corner of Lake County. The Knoxville public lands are the only legal OHV area in Napa County. This land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management which is assisted by the Napa County Off-Road Enforcement Program. These lands are approximately two hours driving time from the City of Santa Rosa and ninety minutes from the City of Napa.

Knoxville contains more than sixty miles of roads and trails, many of which are suited for ATV and motorcycle use. Developed and dispersed camping is permitted on the public lands of Knoxville. These public lands are used by recreation enthusiast for hunting, off-road recreation, camping, hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Conflicts sometimes arise between the different recreational groups.


The goal of the Napa County Sheriff's Office Off-Road Enforcement Team is to ensure public safety and environmental preservation of these lands. The Off-Road Enforcement Team accomplishes this by working closely with the Bureau Land Management and the community.