Napa County Re-entry Facility

PW 17-100


  • Status: Construction
  • Contact: Juan Arias
  • Publish Date: November 28, 2016

Project Scope

The 72 bed, 21,000 square feet, new Napa County Re-entry Facility will provide a transitional step for Napa County inmates to move back into their community.  The project site is located at 2200 Napa Vallejo Highway in Napa, California.  It will also help manage the jail population and improve the likelihood of success for participants leading to reduced recidivism.  It is a Type IV facility with secure perimeter, internal and external security coverage and interior placement of housing units.  

Evidence-based programming is the foundation for this facility and is to be individualized on a risk and needs assessment.  Type of programs will include: 

  • Employment readiness
  • Education
  • Programs designed to reduce criminal thinking (e.g., Thinking for change, anger replacement training)
  • Gender specific programs

Residents will be able to leave the facility based upon an individualized plan for employment, education or program reasons including:

  • Job searches
  • Employment
  • Adult Education or Napa Valley College
  • Programming offered by Health and Human Services Agency or the Community Corrections Service Center.

The facility consists of a program building, 4 dorms and an exercise yard area.  The program building includes classrooms, computer lab, job room, counseling rooms, kitchen, dining area and various office areas.

It is the first program to be jointly staffed with Correctional and Probation officers.  The $16.7 Million Facility is mainly funded through State of California Revenue Bond Financing.

Project Schedule Update:

On May 17, 2017, the County and Vila Construction Co. (Contractor) of Richmond, CA entered into Napa County Agreement No. 170827 (the "Contract") for construction of the Napa Re-Entry Facility Project (the "Project").  The project was anticipated to be complete in November 2018 and the facility to be occupied in December 2018.

In connection with executing the Contract, the Contractor and Surety provided the County a Performance Bond and a Labor and Material Cond, each in the initial penal sum of $16,084,884 (collectively, the "Bonds").  After significant delays in completing the Project, in March 2019 the Contractor notified the County it would be unable to complete the Project and that it was turning to the Surety for assistance.

As of June 27, 2019, an agreement between the County and the Surety has been executed by the Surety and the County.  Within 30 days of agreement execution, the County will receive a completion schedule that will address any corrective work that may be needed. 


The project budget, including the facility and off-site utilities, as $23.4 million.  $13.4 million is funded through grants with the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) and the remaining $10 million is being funded by Napa County.

Below are links to the most recent meetings of the Board of Supervisors where updates regarding the re-entry project have been given.

Board of Supervisors Meetings - Replacement Jail Project Updates.


Contractor Location Lump Sum Base Bid
Vila Construction Richmond, CA $16,084,824
AMG and Associates Santa Clarita, CA $16,550,000
Thompson Builders Novato, CA $17,669,000
Stronghold Engineering Riverside, CA $18,752,100