Weights & Measures

Napa County Weights and Measures Scale

The mission of the Napa County Department of Weights and Measures is to provide fair competition and equity in the marketplace and to ensure that the interests of the buyer and seller are protected through educational, inspection and enforcement programs.

Device Registration Fees Proposed to Increase

Recently the Weights & Measures Department at the direction of the Board of Supervisors completed an independent fee analysis to review our fees and make necessary adjustments as needed. Based on our recent fee analysis, and the authorized fee structure provided in Business and Professions Code Section 12240 and 13350, we are proposing fee changes. Please see the Fee Change Memorandum for specific details.

Enjoy an informative video to see how Weights and Measures protects consumers, workers, and businesses.

The Napa County Department of Weights and Measures is divided into several programs to:

  • Ensure the accuracy of commercial weighing and measuring devices
  • Verify the price, quantity and labeling of packaged and bulk commodities
  • Verify quality, advertising and labeling standards for various petroleum products
  • Enforce Weighmaster laws to assure accuracy of information on Weighmaster certificates.

Consumer Complaint

To submit a Weights & Measure Complaint fill out the Online Form

To Submit a CDFA Air & Water Complaint visit the CDFA website

Registered Service Agent Examination

Anyone wishing to take the RSA exam on or After April 1, 2013 must take the test online at DMS Registered Service Agency (select Registered Service Agent Online Exam link on the right- hand side of the page).

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