Access, Treatment Authorization, & Quality Service

If you are seeking substance abuse, addiction treatment services or information on local treatment resources for yourself, a family member or a friend please contact us. Our services follow evidence based practices including Matrix, Cognitive Behavioral Techniques, Motivational Enhancement, and Motivational Interviewing. and are provided in both English and Spanish languages.

Overview of Services

  • Community Presentations, Upon Request
  • Consultation and Education Materials
  • Determination of Appropriate Treatment Placement Based on Medical Necessity
  • Outreach and Engagement Services
  • Referrals and Linkages to Other Services Within the Agency and Community
  • Screening and Comprehensive Assessments


Eligibility requirements differ among the various contracted treatment providers.

Cost of Services

We accept private pay, private insurance, and Drug Medi-cal. We apply a sliding scale to assess fees. No client is denied services due to the inability to pay.