Weighing & Measuring Device Inspection

Weights and Measures Staff Inspecting a Gas Pump

Commercial Weighing & Measuring Devices

Annual inspections of scales at grocery stores, wineries, cattle ranches, and other locations that use weighing devices keep the three Napa County inspectors busy. The Department also annually inspects gas pumps, propane meters and taxi meters. Every 10 years, the Department inspects the gas, water and electric sub-meters at mobile home parks in the county.

In addition to the established inspection frequency for commercial devices, the inspectors promptly investigate all complaints and re-test devices as needed to maintain accuracy and provide consumer confidence. Devices that have been tested and approved are labeled with an inspection seal from the County. The inspection seals lists the Sealer of the County, the County’s Weights and Measures Department phone number and the date the device was inspected. The phone number on the inspection seal can be used to contact the Department with questions pertaining to Weights and Measures, or to initiate a complaint investigation.

Devices found to be out of compliance with standards are ordered out of service and cannot be used until corrected by the owner or by an authorized repair company. A device can only be placed back into service by a CDFA-licensed service agent or by a licensed Weights and Measures official. To maintain accuracy standards, the Department inspects devices after repair and re-attaches a County seal of accuracy.