Legislative Subcommittee

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

About the Subcommittee

The Legislative Subcommittee of the Board of Supervisors makes recommendations to the full Board on state and federal legislative and regulatory policies. The Subcommittee annually recommends to the full Board a Federal Legislative and Regulatory Platform and a State Legislative and Regulatory Platform (see below) that establishes the county’s priorities for the following year. The subcommittee consists of two members of the Board of Supervisors and is selected annually by the full Board. The current members are: District 3 Supervisor Anne Cottrell and District 2 Supervisor Ryan Gregory.

Principles & Goals

The 2022 Board supports these legislative principles and goals:

Legislative Principles

The primary goal of the County’s elected representatives and employees is to serve and support the County’s social and economic well-being and the health and safety of its citizens. Therefore, the Napa County Board of Supervisors has adopted the following principles:

  • The County of Napa will encourage, seek and support legislation and policies that protect the County’s quality of life, its diverse natural resources and preserve the County’s essence, history and agricultural heritage.
  • The County of Napa will encourage, seek and support legislation and policies that facilitate orderly economic expansion and growth, oppose unfunded and / or unnecessary State mandates, and increase the opportunity for discretionary revenues and programmatic and financial flexibility.

Legislative Goals

Health and Wellbeing of County Residents

The Board of Supervisors will support efforts to maintain and enhance safety net services that protect the most vulnerable within a community, including children, the elderly, homeless and other at- risk populations. 

Sustainable Growth

The Board of Supervisors seeks to preserve Napa County’s agricultural heritage and economy by locating appropriate housing and development in the urban areas of the County. The Board supports State housing needs assessment reforms that provide flexibility and acknowledge the differences between rural and urban counties. The Board also supports legislation that would allow for the transfer of mandated County housing allocations to the incorporated areas within the County at any time during the housing cycle in exchange for the expenditure of County housing funds or the provision of County land. Rural counties lack adequate infrastructure and services necessary to support housing in less developed unincorporated areas. 

Preserving the Agricultural Economy

In 1968, the Napa County Board of Supervisors had the forethought to preserve open space and prevent future overdevelopment by creating the nation’s first Agricultural Preserve. This designation has ensured that Napa Valley’s limited resources are preserved for agriculture first and foremost. Napa County opposes efforts that would exempt real property, such as tribal land, from local land use regulations, including provisions regulating the Agricultural Preserve, which ultimately could upset Napa County’s vital agricultural economy.

Legislative & Regulatory Platforms

Development of the Platforms - 2023 Key Dates

  • October 30 - Legislative Subcommittee Reviews Draft One 
  • November 20 - Legislative Subcommittee Reviews Draft Two
  • December 19 - If adopted by the Legislative Subcommittee, the Board of Supervisors takes action and/or provides direction for further edits

For questions about the development of the platforms, please contact Jesus Tijero

Cover of the 2023 State Legislative and Regulatory Platform document
Cover of the 2023 Federal Legislative and Regulatory Platform document