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Operation Identification

This nationwide crime prevention program helps identify property if it should be stolen. Operation Identification is a program centered upon the belief that to prevent crime we must attempt to address the elements of the crime triangle. We attempt to make property less desirable to the criminal element by marking our valuables in such a way that they can be identified, increasing the likelihood that the thief will be caught with stolen goods. By doing this we hope that the criminal will choose to go elsewhere to commit crimes and if they do take your belongings we can identify your property, successfully prosecute the thief, and return your property to you.

Stages of Operation Identification

  • Engrave Your Property - Engraving your valuables with the number on your driver's license will aid police agencies in identifying you as the owner of the property. It may also prevent a thief from choosing to steal your belongings because they are more identifiable if they are caught with them. Even if your belongings have a serial number already, engraving your driver's license number will ease identifying you as its owner.
  • Keep a List of Your Valuables - Make a list of all of your valuables. Make several copies of the list and store the copies in two or more secure locations, such as a safe, locked drawer or cabinet. Include on your list a full description of the item including:
    • Color
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year of Manufacture
    • Any Other Identifiers, Including Engravings
    • Items to include on your list are:
      • Computers (Desktop and Laptop)
      • Printers and Any Other Peripherals
      • Radios
      • Stereos
      • Telephones
      • Televisions
      • Any Other Belongings
    • Most electronic equipment has a serial number; anything that does not have a good identifier can be engraved.
  • Report Any Stolen Items to Law Enforcement - If any of your belongings are stolen, notify your local law enforcement agency immediately. Prompt reporting of your loss can ease recovery. In addition, every incident is listed in our daily briefing log, which alerts the other deputies to the fact that such a theft occurred. In addition, valuable items can be entered in the Criminal Justice Information System. This will alert police agencies nationwide of the theft, and will aide in recovering the items if another department recovers them.