Firearms Training Unit

The purpose of the Napa County Sheriff’s Firearms Training Unit is to provide realistic, relevant training and instruction to Department members on the appropriate use of lethal force in law enforcement. The goal of the Firearms Training Unit is to ensure every member of the Department maintains the skills and abilities to not only protect the public from well-armed criminal offenders, but to survive and win a sudden, violent encounter.  

Members of the Firearms Training staff are screened and selected based on their knowledge of firearms, safety and applicable case law, demonstrated abilities with firearms, and their ability to instruct Department members of varying proficiency levels and learning styles.  

The Napa County Sheriff’s Office is extremely fortunate to conduct firearms and range training on a monthly basis, which is significantly more frequent than most California law enforcement agencies. Monthly trainings cover modern tactics, techniques and procedures, marksmanship and weapon manipulation skills, firearm qualifications, combat mindset, communication, critical thinking and judgement skills, emphasizing individual and team-oriented responsibilities.  

Furthermore, every newly hired Deputy must complete a rigorous 40-hour firearms training course prior to starting their Field Training Program, where they will learn proper and effective skills, decision-making, and confidence with their firearms.

Firearms training with hand gun Firearms training with rifle