Careers, Volunteers & Intern services

Functions of Agency / Department

The Probation Department plays a crucial role in the Criminal Justice System. The department operates a juvenile institution and supervises adult and juvenile criminal offenders who have been released into the community under Court restrictions. The Probation Department performs various functions designed to reduce crime, assist the Courts, and promote productive lifestyles and aid victims.

Intern / Volunteer Duties & Responsibilities

Interns and volunteers may work with Probation Officers in the Adult Division, Juvenile Division, or the Juvenile Hall. Responsibilities may include data entry, completing referrals to community agencies or programs, participating in assessments of offenders, observing Court hearings, and conducting interviews under the guidance and direction of a probation officer. The Napa County Probation Department will offer interns and volunteers an array of experiences that will enhance learning and prepare them for careers within the criminal justice field. Interns and volunteers will work under the close supervision of Probation Department or Juvenile Hall staff.

Educational Requirements

Interns must be enrolled in an accredited college/university. Preferred fields of study include: Criminal Justice, Law, Human Services, Psychology, Social Work, Social Services, Social Ecology, Sociology, Education, Child and Adolescent Development or related fields.

Students or recent graduates who are not enrolled in an academic fieldwork/internship class may apply for a volunteer position with the Probation Department.

Many volunteers provide a specific service to the Probation Department through a community agency. Big Brothers Big Sisters, Planned Parenthood, and non denominational spiritual programs are examples of agencies who may volunteer with the department. Volunteers with these agencies must meet the same criteria as all interns and volunteers.

Skills, Training or Qualifications

The ideal candidate has an interest in the criminal justice system, is 18 years of age or older and willing to accept supervision and direction as required. All interns and volunteers must submit to a LiveScan and may not be on probation or parole.

Time Commitment

For interns, each college or university will determine the length of required service hours. Time commitments typically coincide with the academic semester or quarter. The probation officer or juvenile hall counselor who is supervising the intern will provide verification of attendance and evaluations of performance as requested by the referring agency. Volunteers are asked to serve a minimum of eight hours a week for six months unless an alternate arrangement is made through their agency.

Benefits Available to Intern

Interns are considered part of the Probation team and gain practical work experience that complements their academic studies.

Application Process

Minimum requirements for applicants:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a legal U.S. resident
  • Must possess a valid Social Security card and driver’s license or California identification card
  • Must not be on any form of probation/parole or pending criminal charges

Steps to Becoming a Probation Intern

  • Complete an application
  • Interview with Program Manager or designee
  • Program Manager or designee will contact and verify references
  • Attend orientation with Human Resources
  • Take fingerprints via LiveScan