Juvenile Probation Services


Local law enforcement agencies refer non-detained juvenile offender cases for evaluation of the circumstances of the offense. Minors who allegedly commit offenses for which they are detained are also evaluated. Upon further investigation of the offense, the probation officer may refer the action to the District Attorney’s Office to file a petition. The minor may be eligible for diversion and enter into contract with the Police Department or Informal Probation within the Probation Department prior to the filing of a petition. Should the minor fail at Informal Probation, the probation officer may request the District Attorney’s Office take action by filing a petition.

Written and oral probation reports are prepared by the probation officer for the Napa County Juvenile Court, which contain criminal and social history information, victim information, and recommended dispositions as mandated by the Welfare and Institutions Code.

General Supervision

Juvenile Probation Supervision provides various levels of supervision based on protection of the community, a risk/needs assessment, out-of-home placements, and amenability to rehabilitation. There are several levels of supervision of Court Wards including general supervision and intensive supervision in the office and in the field. The Juvenile Supervision Units collaborate with the Napa County Health and Human Services Department in the supervision and placement of selected cases wherein mental health issues are a major factor.

Specialized Caseloads

The Probation Department has many specialized caseloads which include supervision of selected gang violence offenders, very high risk offenders, and sexual offenders. The department also supervises at risk juveniles in camps, foster care, and residential treatment facilities. The department has an Evening Reporting Center which provides intensive supervision of youth and includes 50 hours of cognitive behavioral groups, weekly drug and alcohol education groups, guest speakers, pro social activities, and parenting groups. 

The department also has a multi disciplinary, wrap around program consisting of staff from Child Welfare, juvenile probation, and the local parent advocate agency. The department also offers Cognitive Behavioral Groups which are facilitated by probation officers, and the Parent Project which is designed for parents who need help raising difficult or out of control adolescent children.

Juvenile Hall

The Probation Department operates a juvenile hall facility that is a 24 hour/365 day secure facility with a capacity for 50 youth. It consistently operates at well under capacity. While in custody youth are served by highly trained counselors and participate in an array of structured services including, mental health services, cognitive behavioral programming, one on one counseling, school, pet therapy, art appreciation, spiritual services, and organized recreational activities.