Autopsy & Investigative Reports

Copy Fees

The first copy to the next-of-kin is provided at no charge.

  •  Coroner’s Report (Includes Autopsy Report, and Toxicology Report where applicable) - $15.00

Reports are not available until the case has been closed, normally eight to ten weeks after the date of death.

Cause of Death

The Napa County Coroner's Office is mandated by the California Government Code § 27491 et seq. to determine the circumstances, manner, and cause of sudden or unexplained deaths in Napa County.

In Coroner cases a Forensic Pathologist performs an autopsy, an external examination of the decedent, or a review of the deceased’s medical records and determines the cause of death. The Deputy Coroner is responsible for the death scene investigation, documenting the circumstances of the case, and selecting the manner of death that can be classified as:

  • Accident
  • Homicide
  • Natural
  • Suicide
  • Undetermined

When the death is the result of a homicide, suicide, automobile accident, and in many natural deaths, the cause of death will not be available for several weeks pending the return of toxicology test results. This does not delay the release of the body.