Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Procedures

Effective May 1, 2015, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) will be required with a deposit at submittal.

  • Pursuant to the current California Building Code Section 111.3 and the current California Residential Code Section R110.4, the Chief Building Official (CBO) is authorized to issue a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) prior to completion of all work described in your permit, provided such portion (s) of the project are deemed safe to occupy. 
  • Although a Certificate of Occupancy is encouraged prior to occupancy, the CBO may issue a TCO near the completion of a project. Per Napa County Ordinance, TCO's will not be issued for the use of hospitality buildings or areas within buildings designated for hospitality use.
  • The TCO application process may take up to three (3) weeks to complete and acceptance of this application does not guarantee approval. The number of days which a TCO may be granted is limited. It is not to exceed 180 days which is the maximum time allowable as per the Napa County Code Section 15.08-070(B). 
  • Along with the application, you are required to provide one copy of the Site Plan & Floor Plan which clearly identify the proposed area of occupancy and a work plan indicating the remaining work to be completed and the approximate completion date of the project.
  • Prior to approving your application, the Chief Building Official and other reviewing divisions are required to conduct a plan review and project research.
  •  A site inspection may be required and must be scheduled before the TCO may be issued. 
  • Prior to submitting your application, your project must be close to completion and all life and safety conditions be met. 
  • The charge for a TCO is $240.00 per hour. All TCO applications will be charged a minimum deposit/fee of $480.00 for the first two (2) hours of plan review and project research to be paid in full upon submission of the TCO application. Each additional hour of review, if any, will be assessed and required to be paid in full upon completion of the application process.
  • The Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is authorized and approved by the Chief Building Official and will take effect on the date the Letter of Approval is signed by the Chief Building Official. The Letter of Approval will contain the following information: (1) Area approved for occupancy (2) Approved use for occupancy and (3) Total number of days granted for temporary occupancy. 

The TCO Application (PDF) that will need to be completed and submitted with your application.