Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Procedures

Effective May 1, 2015, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) will be required with a deposit at submittal.

  • Applicant calls /or arrives at the permit center. Applicant is provided the TCO Request form and asked to fill out. Applicant is made aware that there will be a deposit/fee of $1,017; and that depending on the length of the review, there may be additional fees. Applicant is made aware that they should be close to finalizing the whole project. Under no circumstances are TCOs to go over 180 days, (6 months). TCOs can and will be issued for shorter time frames, the longer extension are for winery production (crush) (Napa code, Section 15.08.070b).
  • Applicant submits one copy of a site plan and floor plan highlighting the area of the building intended to be occupied.
  • A detailed description of the area to be occupied is provided.
  • Applicant provides the anticipated date when the TCO is needed to be issued.
  • Applicant provides the anticipated date when they plan to have the whole project finalized. If it's more than 6 months, a TCO cannot be issued.
  • Once the temporary request is submitted and the required documents provided, the Permit Technician (TC) reviews the application for completion.
  • If complete, PT collects the fee.
  • PT assigned to TCOs determines any and all departments/divisions that need to review the TCO.
  • PT sends a request for review to affected department staff, and organizes a site visit to determine if a TCO is ready to be issued.
  • If affected division personnel do not need to go to the site they will indicate any necessary comments to the PT. In addition, if Planning and Environmental Services staff indicate their concerns to the building inspector assigned to the project, the building inspector will inspect for these issues (i.e landscaping, trees).
  • Division/department comments are provided to PTs within a two week period. All personnel involved in the process should log their time in Accela Workflow. This is important in order to charge the correct fees.
  • Comments are provided to Supervising Building Inspector, for review. Supervising Building Inspector provides a recommendation to Building Official.
  • Building Official issues a TCO or provides correction letter to applicant/owner indicating that more work needs to be performed prior to issuance.

The TCO Application (PDF) that will need to be completed and submitted with your application.